Ethical practices that affect performance of a procurement department in community-based organizations in Meru county

Peterson Mwirigi

Gretsa university



The researcher study was carried out with the aim of establishing ethical practices that affect performance of purchasing and supplies management in an organization. Specific objectives was therefore to examine how accountability, transparency, fairness and integrity. The importance or significance of the study included the sue of the research findings by other researchers as their reference point. Municipal councils took advantage of the lessons learned from the study to improve on their respective procurement functions. Policy makers also did gain from the study because it brought new information for them to take advantage of during policy making process. Target population was 117 employees of the CBOs based in Meru county. Sample size was 35 employees. Descriptive research design was used by the researcher. Stratified random sample design was used to determine the sample size of the study. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques were used to carry out
data analysis. Percentages, graphs and tables were used to present the study findings. It did emerge from the study findings that the performance of procurement function in a business organization is influenced by a multiple of factors including accountability, transparency, fairness and integrity.